Our writers give voice to what it means to be Irish in a changing Ireland.

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Welcome to Doire Press, an award-winning publisher located in Connemara in the West of Ireland. We publish poetry & literary fiction.

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In the Museum of Misremembered Things
by Linda McKenna

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Galway Stories: 2020

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Lifestyle Choice 10mg
by Rosemary Jenkinson

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Almost the Same Blue
by John O'Donnell

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Rules of Engagement
by Michael J. Whelan

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Ah, Men!
by Simon Lewis

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Conditional Perfect
by Emily Cullen


Aoife Reilly
Dimitra Xidous

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here to listen to an interview with Michael J. Whelan on RTE's Poetry Programme and here to read an article on Michael in the Irish Examiner

here to read a review of Belfast Stories in The Irish Times, here to listen to a review on RTE's Arena, here in the Sunday Independent and here in Books Ireland

Doire Press is registered with The Companies Registration Office, Parnell House, 14 Parnell Square, Dublin.

Registered Number 551206

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28 / 3 / 2015