Our writers give voice to what it means to be Irish in a changing Ireland.

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Welcome to Doire Press, an award-winning publisher located in Connemara in the West of Ireland. We publish poetry & literary fiction.

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by Moyra Donaldson

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An Experience on the Tongue
by Glen Wilson

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Belfast Stories
edited by Paul McVeigh & Lisa Frank

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Growing Up in Colour

by Maurice Devitt

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Raven Mothers

by Breda Wall Ryan

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Milling the Air

by Susan Lindsay

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The Potter's Book

by Louis Mulcahy

Emily Cullen
Rosemary Jenkinson
Simon Lewis
Linda McKenna
Michael J. Whelan

Galway Stories: 2020
edited by Alan McMonagle & Lisa Frank

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here to read a review in The Irish Times of Breda Wall Ryan's Raven Mothers and James Martyn Joyce's Furey

Click here to read a review of Louis Mulcahy's The Potter's Book in Dublin Review of Books

Click here to read an interview with Maurice Devitt in The Gloss. Click here to read a review of Growing Up in Colour in The Blue Nib.

Click here to read a review of Susan Lindsay's Milling the Air in Skylight 47
Doire Press is registered with The Companies Registration Office, Parnell House, 14 Parnell Square, Dublin.

Registered Number 551206

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28 / 3 / 2015