Galway Advertiser Review of No Recipe by Gerry Galvin

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Review of No Recipe by Gerry Galvin

The Galway Advertiser
5 August, 2010
Reviewed by Kevin Higgins

The handsomely produced No Recipe is the latest offering from the new Galway publisher, Doire Press. Gerry Galvin is a fine poet, who clearly spends a great deal of time looking for exactly the right word. I particularly enjoyed ‘Cocktail Party’, a satire on the chattering classes.

Like all the best satires it is written by someone with an intimate knowledge of the people in question: “We stand verbose in fractured groups,/balding men letting our hairdown,/ eavesdropping avidly and hearing nothing/but the heady buzzing,/ as sense takes off into the light.”

The opening poem ‘Alzheimer’s’ - as devastating as it is true - is one Philip Larkin might have written, if he had been gifted with a little more compassion.