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30 Under 30
edited by Elizabeth Reapy

(marked down from €12)

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by Jim Mullarkey

(marked down from €12)

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by Kelly Creighton


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Border Lines
by John Walsh

(marked down from €12)

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End of Days
by Aileen Armstrong

(marked down from €12)

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Ferenji and Other Stories
by Helena Mulkerns


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Fireproof and other Stories
by Celeste Augé

(marked down from €12)

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Galway Stories
edited by Lisa Frank


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The Girl Missing
from the Window

by Paul O’Reilly


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Hearing Voices /
Seeing Things

by William Wall


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Killer à la Carte
by Gerry Galvin

(marked down from €13.99)

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Lights in the Distance
by Susan Millar DuMars

(marked down from €12)

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This Cruel Station
by Martin Malone


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Waiting for the Bullet
by Madeleine D’Arcy


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